Tulsa State Fair | Team Fitting Contest Results

Junior Top 3 Fitting Teams
Champion Junior Fitting Team
Rowdy Fitters
Savannah Warren, Cale Garver, & Faith Humbolt

Reserve Junior Fitting Team
Chase Woods, Carrington Troyer, & Delanie Troyer

Third Overall Junior Fitting Team
Tee Town Trio
Just Fast, Ashlyn Hagerberg, & Body Jeffries

Intermediate Top 3 Fitting Teams
Champion Intermediate Fitting Team
Emily Morphew, Emma Shenold, Zoie Williams

Reserve Intermediate Fitting Team
Rogers County
Larahmy Blakely, McKenzie Boyer, Carter Kornegay

Third Overall Intermediate Fitting Team
Adair Int.
Curtis Candis, Blake Long, Dax DeLozier

Senior Top 3 Fitting Teams
Champion Senior Fitting Team
Cowboy Fitters
Aydson Blakely, Avary Blakely, Kelton Arthur

Reserve Senior Fitting Team
Grove FFA
Hannah Dozier, Kash Butler, Kord Butler

Third Overall Senior Fitting Team
Jaycie Perrier, Hunter Perrier, Brayden Adcock

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