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Happy Birthday, Abi!

Sullivan Supply wishes Abi Henderson of Iowa a Happy Birthday! 0

Sloup Simmentals & Friends Winter Event

Selling on DP Online Sales under Sloup Simmentals & Friends Winter Event. Bidding closes January 31st at 7:00pm CST. For […]

Happy Birthday, Courtney!

Sullivan Supply wishes Courtney Jentz-Zehr of Wisconsin a Happy Birthday! 0

Baby News

Congratulations to Cody and Lauren Collins on their recent addition, daughter Chloe Lynn! 0

2017 Schooley Cattle Company Sale

Please join us this Friday night in the seats or online at several top genetics offered including a full […]

Happy Birthday, Jaden!

Sullivan Supply wishes Jaden Carlson of Minnesota a Happy 22nd Birthday! 0

VCCP | Steer Candids

Nick Belcher at the chutes makings some final touch as Courtney Thomas looks on. Kasey Knott and crew getting ready […]

VCCP | Top 5 Overall Steers

Champion Overall Steer Sire: Smokin Hottie Dam: Final Answer Sold by: Goretska Congratulations to Kyle Conrad Reserve Champion Overall Steer […]

VCCP | Crossbred Steers

Champion Crossbred Steer Sire: Smokin Hottie Dam: Final Answer Sold by: Goretska Congratulations to Kyle Conrad Reserve Champion Crossbred Steer […]

VCCP | AOB Steers

Champion AOB Steer Sire: Uno Mas Dam: Monopoly X DeJa Voo Raised by: Jeremy & Jenna Barber Congratulations to Jacob […]

VCCP | VCCP Steers

Champion VCCP Steer Sire: Monopoly Dam: Irish Whiskey X Angus Raised by: Donald Michael Sold by: VCCP Congratulations to Kara […]

VCCP | Shorthorn Steers

Champion Shorthorn Steer Sire: Philladon Absolutely Dam: Sull Roan Rose Raised by: Grinsted Cattle Company Congratulations to Audrey Ross Reserve […]

VCCP | Maintainer Steers

Champion Maintainer Steer Sire: Unstoppable Dam: Agle Blue Velvet Raised by: Bob Agle Sold by: Brian Hay Patterson Congratulations to […]

VCCP | Limousin Steer

No Photo Available Champion Limousin Steer Sire: TASF Beachboy Dam: TASF Wallflower 332 Raised by: Biser Limousin Congratulations to Corey […]

Gold Rush Cattle Genetics Sale

Gold Rush Cattle Genetics Sale, Tonight at 7 P.M. MST. 44 Lots of High Caliber Angus, Charolais, Hereford, Red Angus […]

Happy Birthday, Kayden!

Sullivan Supply wishes Kayden Nowatzke of Indiana a Happy 10th Birthday! 0

Hereford type of Monday

Comfort is key for Austin Breeding while clipping on a front leg Brazos Williams takes a knee to get the […]

FWSS – Open Hereford Bulls

B&C Stockman 2026D ET Sire: C Stockman 2059 ET Bred by Austin Breeding Congratulations to Austin Breeding, Miami, TX! C […]

FWSS – Open Polled Hereford Bulls

Grand Champion Polled Hereford Bull C Black Hawk Down ET Sire: WLB WinchesterPowerball 27 Bred by: Katie Colyer Congratulations to […]

Happy Birthday, Will!

Sullivan Supply wishes Will Harsh of Ohio a Happy Birthday! 0

FWSS – Open Horned Female Champions

Champion Horned Spring Yearling Female DPH 109 6129 Geisha 501 ET Sire: CRR 719 Catapult Dam: BR DM Geisha 6129 […]

Today on SCO

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Happy Birthday, Erin!

Sullivan Supply wishes Erin Dorsey of Colorado a very Happy Birthday! Congratulations on another successful National Western Stock Show! 0

FWSS – Monday, January 30th

8 a.m. – National Hereford & Polled Hereford Show – Judge: Matt Copeland – Watt Arena 0

VCCP | Charolais Composite Steer

Photo Coming Soon Champion Charolais Composite Steer Sire: Gunsmoke Dam: Cross Raised by: Stockdale Farms Congratulations to Rylee Stockdale Reserve […]

VCCP | Angus Steers

Champion Angus Steer Sire: PVF Surveillance Dam: Buchanan Georgina L151 Raised by: Buchanan Enterprises Congratulations to Suter Clark Photo Coming […]

VCCP | Hereford Steer

Champion Hereford Steer Sire: H Excel 801S Dam: LBB LW Jasmine 05Y Raised by: Geffert Cattle Co Sold by: Paulsen, […]

VCCP | Market Heifers

Champion Market Heifer Sire: General Lee Dam: Cunia Raised by: Nathan Morris Sold by: Ian Roberts, Chris Kane Congratulations to […]

FWSS – Open Maine-Anjou Female

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female MTF Cold Chills 501 Sire: BK Xikes X59 Dam: BK JFR Tanella 227 Bred by: Morton […]

FWSS – Open Mainetainer Female

Grand Champion Mainetainer Female WLK Mercedes Girl Sire: Monopoly Dam: BPF Mercedes 129U Bred by Mason Walker Congratulations to Kenton […]

Congrats Koltermans!

Congratulations to Nate and Lynn Kolterman on the arrival of their new baby, Maren, who has already made it to […]

FWSS – Open Maine-Anjou Bulls

Champion Maine-Anjou Bull BPF Beastie Boy 42C Sire: BPF Beast 513Z Dam: BPF Excitement 102Y Bred by Bushy Park Cattle […]

FWSS – Open Mainetainer Bulls

Grand Champion Mainetainer Bull KW The Game 14C ET Sire: Irish Whiskey Dam: BEF MS HW 14R Bred by: Bellar […]

FWSS – Breeder Spotlight | Cates Farms

Breeder Spotlight with Tyler Cates: Cates Farms A well-respected, long-standing Shorthorn breeder The Cates Family As a third-generation cattle breeder, […]

Charolais Herdsman of the Year

Congratulations to Cody Runft of Kansas on winning the Charolais Breeds Herdsman of the Year award. 0

FWSS – Sunday, January 29th

9:00 am – Open Shorthorn – Judge Mark Hoge 11:00 am – Open Red Angus – Judge Blake Bloomberg 2:00 […]

VCCP | Candids

Dillon Stertzbach working on the Champion Overall Heifer Thank you for trusting the Sullivan Supply product line! Kyle Fleener using […]

VCCP | Top 5 Overall Heifers

Champion Overall Heifer Sire: First Class Dam: SCC Lady Lilo 893 Sold by: Stertzbach Cattle Co Congratulations to Gordon Clark […]

VCCP | Crossbred Heifers

Champion Crossbred Heifer Sire: One Eyed Jack Sold by: Tad Francis Congratulations to Amanda Cole Photo Coming Soon Reserve Champion […]

VCCP | VCCP Heifers

Champion VCCP Heifer Sire: Unstoppable Dam: Maximus Raised by: Glenbrook Farm Sold by: VCCP Congratulations to Kaley Richie Reserve Champion […]

VCCP | AOB Heifers

Champion AOB Heifer Sire: Jakes Proud Jazz Dam: Tobacco Raised by: Hanewich Congratulations to Jessica Butler Reserve Champion AOB Heifer […]

VCCP | Percentage Simmental Heifers

Photo Coming Soon Champion Percentage Simmental Heifer Sire: Monosieto Dam: American Pride Raised by: Michael Kinna Congratulations to Gunner Crawford […]

VCCP | Simmental Heifers

Champion Simmental Heifer Sire: Dam: Raised by: Tad Francis Congratulations to Whitney Waster Photo Coming Soon Reserve Champion Simmental Heifer […]

VCCP | Shorthorn Heifers

Champion Shorthorn Heifer Sire: Red Reward 9321 Dam: Sull Bo’s Traveling Raised by: Sara Sullivan Sold by: Heartfelt Farms Congratulations […]

VCCP | Red Angus Heifers

Champion Red Angus Heifer Sire: Ring of Fire Dam: AHL Dory Raised by: Ledoux Congratulations to Austin Teeter Reserve Champion […]

VCCP | Maintainer Heifers

Photo Coming Soon Champion Maintainer Heifer Sire: I 80 Dam: Commercial Raised by: Stoltz Sold by: BK Cattle Enterprises Congratulations […]

VCCP | Maine Heifers

Champion Maine Heifer Sire: Hard Whiskey Dam: Legacy Plus X Draft Pick Raised by: Bellars Sold by: Lawerence and Andrews […]

VCCP | Limousin Heifers

Champion Limousin Heifer Sire: Schillings Wallace Dam: Kyld Blackbird Raised by: Heart Felt Farms Congratulations to Austin Miller Reserve Champion […]

VCCP | Chianina Heifers

Champion Chianina Heifer Sire: I Believe Dam: Who Made Who Raised by: Deetsman Congratulations to Jay Allen Photo Coming Soon […]

VCCP | Charolais Heifers

Champion Charolais Heifer Sire: Turton Dam: Miss Budd Raised by: Paulsen Sold by: Tim Schaeffer Congratulations to Shelby Griffith Photo […]

VCCP | Angus Heifers

Champion Angus Heifer Sire: First Class Dam: SCC Lady Lilo 893 Sold by: Stertzbach Cattle Co Congratulations to Gordon Clark […]

VCCP | Hereford Heifers

Champion Hereford Heifer Sire: Full Throttle Dam: Remetee Raised by: Deana Jak Farms Congratulations to Ethan Howe Reserve Champion Hereford […]

FWSS – Legendary Saturday

A full class of women showman during the Charolais show An awesome day at the Fort Worth Stock Show… Jaden […]

FWSS – Open Angus Show – Champions

Grand Champion Angus Female Champion Junior Female Conley Sandy 5104 Sire: EXAR Blue Chip 1877B Dam: S Sis Sandy 104 […]

Engagement News

Congratulations to Cole Clanton and Allyson Ottensmeier on their engagement! 0

FWSS – Open Charolais Bulls

Grand Champion Charolais Bull WC Everest 4048 P Sire: LT Rushmore 8060 Dam: WC Miss Impressed 1522 Bred by: Wright […]

Quick Picture

Caleigh Scheming and Raymond Jones stop and grabbed a picture with John Sullivan, Founder of Sullivan Supply, Stock Show U […]

Happy Birthday, Jake!

Sullivan Supply wishes Jake Bloomberg of Illinois a Happy Birthday! 0

Sullivan Supply Internships

Sullivan Supply is excited to offer some great internship opportunities. Check them out below! 0

FWSS – Tearin’ Up Texas

Andrew Chandler working the leg hair on a Chianina heifer this morning at the Fort Worth Stock Show. The Chianina […]

VCCP | Late Night Check-In

Late night show preparation as the trailers line up to unload. Check-in Under way as show committee members Neal Buchanan, […]

Open Percentage Simmental – Champions

Grand Champion Percentage Simmental Champion Division III DAF Reba C707 Sire: Silveiras Style 9303 Dam: DAF REBA U16 Bred by: […]

Happy Birthday, Grady!

Sullivan Supply wishes Grady Ruble of Minnesota a Happy Birthday! 0

FWSS – Purebred Simmental – Division III

Champion Division III WAGR Chanel 5073C Sire: Mr Hoc Broker Congratulations to Brecken Shipman, Grandview, TX! Reserve Champion Division III […]

FWSSR – Open Cattle Are Moved In!

Zach Butler from Higgins Farms in Tennessee doing some detailed clipping on an Angus heifer. Quincy West from Aces Wild […]

Sioux Empire Farm Show | Market Steers

Grand Champion Market Steer Sire: Heat Wave Sold by: Newman, Bonham Congratulations to Claire McCormick! Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer […]

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Sioux Empire Farm Show | Friday, January 27

10:30am  Market Steer Show 11:30am Prospect Steer Show Show Order: Angus Chi Influence Charolais Charolais Composite Chianina Foundation Simmental Hereford […]

Sioux Empire Farm Show | Feeder Heifers

Champion Feeder Heifer Sire: Monopoly Dam: Kelli Raised by: Reimann Ranch Sold by: Powell, CEG Congratulations to Ellistin Morey! Reserve […]

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Sullivan Supply wishes Ryan Verhelle a Happy 36th Birthday! 0

Today on SCO

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Semen Packages For Sale

With the high demand of interest in ROYAL we are offering semen packages on this great young sire Contact HAHN […]

Happy Birthday, Trevor!

Wishing the happiest of Birthday’s to one of Sullivan Supply’s sales representatives, Trevor Biley! 0

Premium Partners 2017

January 29 – Columbus, Nebraska Selling 100 Bred Females – Only the TOP CUT of more than 700 breds! Lot […]

Happy Birthday, Wess!

Happy Birthday to Sullivan Supply Manager of Dealer Relations and Stock Show University Coordinator, Wess Richey! 0

Happy Birthday, Rhylee!

Sullivan Supply wishes Rhylee Rodgers of Iowa a Happy 7th Birthday! 0

Wes Stolee’s Brednanza

Check out this diverse set of bred females selling tonight on Click here to view offering Bandito – selling […]

FWSS – Around the Barns 2017

Check out what is happening around the barns at the Fort Worth Stock Show. Follow The Pulse at FWSSR […]

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Baby News

Congratulations to Chris and Keela Trennepohl on the birth of their daughter, Maroska, born on January 16th. 0

FWSS – Believe. Commit. Succeed.

This afternoon at the Fort Worth Stock Show, a young boy fell down the concrete stairs and had to be […]

Huston Cattle Co. Bred Female Sale

Bids close tonight on SC Online Sales Click here to view lots and bid Additional Info: Heifers were synchronized May […]

Remembering Gene

Gene Sisco of Syracuse, Nebraska was one of the most likable cattleman in America. Always a smile and genuinely happy […]

FWSS – A Lone Star State of Mind

Dustie Parker of Ellis County 4H relaxing at her tie-out with her Beefmaster heifer. Haleah Harmon of Henrietta FFA and […]

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Happy Birthday, Blayne!

Sullivan Supply wishes Blayne Arthur of Oklahoma a Happy Birthday! We hope your day was great! 0

FWSS – Junior Angus Show – Champions

Grand Champion Angus Female Seldom Rest Princess 5047 Sire: EXAR Classen 1422B Dam: Seldom Rest BRMF Princess Bred By: Sydney […]

Happy Birthday, Ken!

Sullivan Supply wishes Dr. Ken Culp III of Kentucky a Happy 60th Birthday! 0

Wrapping Up the National Western

Another great National Western Stock Show has come to a close. Congratulations to all exhibitors. Judge Mark Core talks reasons […]

Happy Birthday John

All of us at Sullivan Supply would like to wish John Sullivan, Founder or Sullivan Supply, Stock Show University, and […]

Happy Birthday, Karli!

Sullivan Supply wishes Karli Cromeans of Texas a Happy Birthday! 0

NWSS – Open Prospect Steers

Champion Prospect Steer Champion Division V Sire: Fu Man Chu Raised by: Don Heely Sold by: May, Jones, Caldwell Congratulations to Olivia Caldwell! […]

NWSS – Prospect Breeding Heifers

Champion Prospect Breeding Heifer Sire: Silveras Style Dam: Red Thunder Bred by: Udell Sold by: Steck & Paulsen Congratulations to […]

FWSS | Junior Heifer Show – Brangus

Grand Champion Brangus Female WCC Ms Katy 767C Sire: Doguets Hercules 88S3 Dam: Miss JLS Katherine 767Y Bred by: Wellman […]

Happy Birthday, Paige!

Sullivan Supply wishes Paige Wallace of Oklahoma a Happy Birthday! 0

NWSS – Prospect Market Heifers

Grand Champion Market Heifer Sire: One In The Chamber Dam: I67 Sold by: Ryan Johnson and Willow Springs Congratulations to […]

Best of the Barns 2016 Winners

Most Enjoyable Junior Nationals National Junior Maine-Anjou and Chianina Show Best Purebred Livestock Operation Griswold Cattle Company Best Semen Sales […]

Birthday Wishes

Sullivan Supply would like to wish Paige Lemenager a very happy birthday!!! We hope you have a great day! 0

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

National Western Stock Show 9:00 am – Open Prospect Steers – Judge Mark Core – Open Prospect Heifers – Judge […]

NWSS – Junior Livestock Auction

Grand Champion Market Steer – $135,000 Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer – $107,500 Grand Champion Market Hog – $40,000 Reseve […]

NWSS – Takin on the Hill

Caleb Streitmatter clips on a back leg Hailey Keller clips on a calf Sweet moments in the ring today for […]

NWSS – Open Highland Bulls

Grand Champion Highland Bull Finley Falls Duncan Sire: LEA Becket Dam: LEA Faye Bred by: Finley Falls Highlands Congratulations to […]

NWSS – Mini Hereford Bulls

Grand Champion Mini Hereford Bull 6E STLZ Mickey Mouse Congratulations to Stezler Livestock! Reserve Grand Champion Mini Hereford Bull BGB […]

NWSS Market Steer Champions

We had a chance to visit with the champions of the Market Steer show at the 2017 National Western Stock […]

NWSS – Open Highland Females

Grand Champion Highland Female STR Kaitlyn Sire: Rioghail of Balmoral Dam: Summit Ranch Whitney Bred by: Star Lake Cattle Co. […]

NWSS – Friday, January 20th

8:00 am – Mini Hereford Open Show – Judge Shane Bedwell – Open Highland Show – Judge Cody Talbot 3:00 […]

NWSS – Junior Market Steer Selection

<iframe src=”″ width=”640″ height=”480″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href=”″>NWSS – Junior Market Steer Drive 2017</a> from <a href=”″>Sullivan Supply</a> […]

National Western Steer Showdown

Lillie Skiles all smiles after a big win in the market steer show. Mikala Grady leading her Reserve Champion steer […]

Trusted by Champions

Congratulations to Lillie and the entire Skiles family on a very success steer show at the 2017 National Western. We […]

Happy Birthday, Travis!

Sullivan Supply wishes Travis Pembrook of Oklahoma a Happy Birthday! 0

Angus Herdsman of the Year

Congratulations to Hadley Pitts of Dal Porto Livestock on winning the 2017 American Angus Association’s Herdsman of the Year! 0

NWSS – Junior Market Steers – Class 9

Class 9 Winner Sire: Walks Alone Dam: Simmental Bred by: Wisnefski Sold by: Wade Rodgers Congratulations to Kaden Wilson, Creston, […]

Horn Livestock

Selling on SC Online Sales Jan. 23rd. 0

Brower/Craft Summer Born Sale

Bidding opens today at noon cst Hosted on First Choice Online Sales 0

Sullivan Supply Baby

This picture was too cute not to share, Ashley Swilley and Patrick Dulaney’s daughter Layla sporting their Sullivan Supply products […]

NWSS – Thursday, January 19th

9:00 am – Market Steers Show – Judges, Shane Bedwell, Clint Rusk, Dave Duello 5:00 pm – Champion Steer Selection […]

National Western Stock Show | Market Hogs

Grand Champion Market Hog Sire: Phenom Raised by: Steve Cobb Family Sold by: Ham Livestock Congratulations to Chriton Watson Reserve […]

Simmentals on The Hill

Morgan Phillips walks her Champion Simmental Female out. Miranda Raithel’s heifer is selected as Reserve Grand Champion Purebred Simmental Female […]

NWSS – Open Simmentals – Champions

Grand Champion Simmental Champion Yearling Heifer RP/MP Trixie C004 Sire: HTP/SVF Duracell T52 Congratulations to Rocking P Livestock Reserve Grand […]

Fort Worth Stock Show Candids

Flying P Cattle of Burleson, Texas, all set up for the Fort Worth Stock Show! Maizzie Mathews and her Beefmaster […]

Fort Worth Stock Show | Brangus

Grand Champion Brangus Heifer JCC Miss Ruby Lee 209 D Sire: DDD Hercules 246X Dam: DDD Ms Tonto Bred by: […]

Happy Birthday, Paige!

Sullivan Supply wishes Paige Van Dyke of Illinois a Happy Birthday! 0

NWSS – Saler Bulls – Champions

Grand Champion Saler Bull MAZ 50/50 Sire: MAZ Off the Rocker 502A Bred by Madyson Maze Greville, IL! Congratulations to […]

NWSS – Optimizer Bulls – Champions

GGT Fusion 10D Sire: GGT Final Choice 119B Bred by GG&T Cattle Company Quinter KS Congratulations to GG&T Cattle Company, […]

2017 NJAS Fundraiser

Bids open Wednesday, January 18 and close Thursday, January 19 at 7:00pm CST Click here to view lots and bid […]

Happy Birthday, Kathryn!

Sullivan Supply wishes Kathryn Coleman of California a Happy Birthday! 0

National Western Stock Show | Market Lambs

Champion Market Lamb Sire: Centerfold Full Brother to Priceless Raised by: MaClennan Sold by: Allen Show Lambs Congratulations to Toree […]

NWSS – Manic Monday

Congratulations to Nate Tice, Sullivan Farms’ Herdsman, on being named the American Shorthorn Association’s Herdsman of the Year! Jeff Sargent […]

NWSS – Open Shorthorn Bulls

Grand Champion Shorthorn Bull SULL RGLC Legacy 525 ET Sire: SULL Red Reward Dam: SULL Mirage Forever 8121 ET Bred […]

NWSS | Junior Chianina Show Champions

Grand Champion Chianina Champion Junior Yearling Female IBSC Kela 320C Sire: W/C Loaded Up 1119Y Dam: JSUL Dreams Come True […]

NWSS | Charolais Bull Champions

Champion Charolais Bull TCCS Saint Christopher Sire: CML Diablo 2X Dam: Creek Cut Greta 576P ET Bred by Polzin Cattle […]

Happy Birthday, Cody!

Sullivan Supply wishes Cody Green of Arkansas a Happy Birthday! 0

Sunday, National Western Style

It was a great Sunday in Denver! Showman of the year, Tylee Jo Williams Sydney & Charley Johnson hang out […]

NWSS – Open ShorthornPlus Bulls

Grand Champion ShorthornPlus Bull PVF Crossfire 74C Sire: JSF McCoy 39Z Dam: JSF Blue Belle 9712 Bred by: Paint Valley […]

ACA Cattlemens Advantage Sale

The ACA Cattlemens Advantage Sale is TODAY! Join us in the yards outside of the Stockyards Arena from 10:00 – […]

The Stockmans Choice Bull Sale

The Stockmans Choice Bull Sale is today on The bulls are available to view in pen 2020 in the yards […]

NWSS – Open Maine-Anjou Bulls

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Bull BPF Beastie Boy Sire: BPF Beast 513Z Dam: BPF Excitement 102Y Bred by: Bushy Park Cattle […]

NWSS – Sunday, January 15th

8:00 am – Junior Charolais & Percentage Charolais – Judge Parker Henley – Open Percentage Charolais – Judge Greg Harder […]

Happy Birthday, Bailey!

Sullivan Supply wishes Bailey Clanton a very Happy Birthday! If you’re in Denver, stop by the Hereford show today to […]

Royalty On The Rocks Online Sale

Please take the time to view what we feel to be one of the most elite Maine-Anjou offerings ever assembled.  […]

Selling Sunday Jan 15th

Selling as Lot 6 Sunday Jan 15th in the Beef Palace Auction Arena,  Denver CO at 1 pm MST in […]

Sim Magic Sale Consignment

Be sure to check out the flush selling out of GSJG Impressive Image selling in the SimMagic On Ice Sale […]

NWSS – Open Angus Females – Champions

Grand Champion Angus Female Champion Junior Heifer CCC Sara’s Dream 5116 Sire: Dameron First Class Dam: Silveiras Saras Dream 1339 […]

NWSS | Open Angus Show – Senior Heifer

Champion Senior Heifer DDA Barbara 1457 Sire: EXAR Classen Dam: DDA Barbara 1422B Bred by: Double Diamond Angus Congratulations to […]

NWSS | Open Angus Show – Junior Heifer

Champion Junior Heifer CCC Sara’s Dream 5116 Sire: Dameron First Class Dam: Silveiras Saras Dream 1339 Bred by: Colburn Congratulations […]

Mile High Night Consignment

Reserve Champion Summer Yearling Polled Hereford Heifer at the 2017 NWSS sells tomorrow night as lot 23 in the Mile […]

Sim Magic on Ice Sale

Shoal Creek Land and Cattle is offering an IVF cycle flush on HPF/Borne Knockout Y030 in the Sim Magic on […]

Bright Lights Sale

Sojka Farms Lot 137 sells in the Bright Lights Sale Saturday January 14 at 3:00pm Visit for more information […]

Happy Birthday

Happy 16th Birthday Dillon Hinners 0

NWSS | Polled Hereford Junior Show

Grand Champion Hereford Champion Junior Yearling Female RJL Poker Face 5C ET Sire: CHAC Mason 2214 Bred by Rhett Lowderman […]

NWSS| Horned Hereford Bulls

Grand Champion Hereford Bull BR Belle Air 6011 Sire: BAR S LHF 028 240 Dam: BR BELLE 4082 ET Bred […]

NWSS – Champion Polled Hereford Bull

Grand Champion Polled Hereford Bull C 1311 5280 Lad 6077 ET Sire: CRR 5280 Bred by: Colyer Herefords Congratulations to […]

Happy Birthday, Hadley!

Sullivan Supply wishes Hadley Pitts of California a Happy Birthday! 0

Pennsylvania Farm Show | Angus Steer

Champion Angus Steer Just Enuff Cupid Moose Sire: MCC Cupid 414 Dam: Just Enuff Freedom Morgan Bred & Sold By: […]

Birthday Wishes

Randa Taylor, from Paradise, TX, turns 18 today! Happy Birthday! 0

Chestnut Angus Farm in Denver

Be sure to check out this set of Angus Bulls and Heifers in the Yards at he Chestnut Angus Farm […]

NWSS – Junior Lim-Flex

Grand Champion Lim-Flex Female JCL Candy Girl LNLM 5514C Sire: CALO Brickyard 902W Dam: JCL Undying Love 913X Bred by: […]

NWSS – Open South Devon Bulls

Grand Champion South Devon Bull MJB Dillon 689D Sire: MJB Swagger 330Z Bred by: MJB Ranch Lodge of Grass, MT […]

Around the Barns – NWSS 2017

Check out some of the action happening around the barns at the 2017 National Western Stock Show. Around the Barns […]

NWSS – Open South Devon Females

Grand Champion South Devon Female SC Sydney 1D Sire: Gum Hill Red 530 Bred by: Kyle Stranberg Congratulations to Kyle […]

NWSS – Junior South Devon

Grand Champion Junior South Devon Heifer JVM Cosmo 502C Sire: JVM Zeke 252Z Bred by: JVM Cattle Company Congratulations to […]

NWSS – Junior Limousin

Grand Champion Limousin Female Riverstone Charmed Sire: TMCK Durham Wheat 6030X Dam: HSF Your Fantasy Bred by: Riverstone Farms Sold […]

New for 2017!

New for 2017!! View State Of Mind on display in the yards at Denver next week!! For more information check […]

Thicker, Fuller… Like No Other!

POWDER’FUL is the only product on the market that can give you a fuller and bigger look without adding on […]

NWSS – Open Gelbvieh Bull

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull Right Combination 5506 Sire: RWG WAR Admiral 2528 Dam: SLC Lora 164 Congratulations to Royal Western […]

Happy Birthday, Larry!

Sullivan Supply wishes Larry Hoblyn of Nebraska a Happy Birthday! 0

NWSS – Open Red Angus Bulls

Grand Champion Red Angus Bull DAMAR Trump C512 Sire: Red SOO Line Power Eye 161 Dam: DAMAR Oh Baby W198 […]

NWSS – Open Balancer Bulls

Grand Champion Balancer Bull Capitol Hill 516C Sire: SAV Brilliance 8077 Dam: MCCA Yasmine Bred by: McCarty Cattle CO. Congratulations […]

Happy Birthday, Lani!

Sullivan Supply wishes Lani Labeouf a Happy 14th Birthday! 0

Clipper Case Designs

Sullivan Supply clipper case tricked out by RB2 Leathercrafts for Riggin Barham. 0

NWSS – Open Balancer Females

Grand Champion Balancer Female Butlers 113C Sire: BCFG Butlers Bismark 512Z Dam: CMGF Clinch MT MS Impact 1339A Bred by:Butler […]

Today on SCO

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Happy Birthday Erica!

We would like to wish Erica Sullivan, Office Manager at Sullivan Supply a very happy birthday!! We hope you have […]

Sullivan’s Shock

Legit hair pop and shine with out the oil residue. This is the best show day hair product we have […]

J6 Mile High Online Sale

Bidding is now open for the J6 Mile High Online Sale. We are offering win of the finest Red Angus […]

Engagement News!

Congratulations to Adam Hall and Lindsey Grimes on their engagement! Happy planning! 0

Happy Birthday, Daniel!

Sullivan Supply wishes Daniel McFarland a very Happy Birthday! 0

Selling in Reds on the Rocks

Selling on Reds On The Rocks 1-7-17 at 7:00 PM MT Selling 3 Embryos guaranteeing one pregnancy out of Silveiras […]

Selling in Reds on the Rocks

Selling on Reds On The Rocks 1-7-17 at 7:00 PM MT SLGN 751T Diana 678D (SLGN 1143Y x SLGN Bailey’s […]

Today on SCO

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Happy Birthday, Taylon!

Sullivan Supply wishes Taylon Lienemann of Nebraska a Happy Birthday! 0

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 27th Anniversary to Craig and Anita Mittag! 0

Royalty On The Rocks Online Sale

Look for the Royalty On The Rocks Sale to post Friday the 6th at Approx. Noon C.S.T. on! 0

Sold – Hahn on the Rocks


Today on SCO

Today on SCO: Otto Show Cattle Calf & Genetics Sale. Visit to view the offering 0

Happy Birthday, Amber!

Sullivan Supply wishes Amber Miller of Nebraska a very Happy Birthday! 0

Happy Birthday, Madison!

Sullivan Supply wishes Madison Fischer of Texas a Happy 11th Birthday! 0

Selling Tonight on Steer Bidder

Check out these outstanding cows and bred heifers that sell tonight with on Mark Ball’s sale. Also selling embryos, […]

Sale Day for Sullivan Ranch

It is SALE DAY for Sullivan Ranch! Bidding will open at noon. Hosted on First Choice Online Sales Don’t miss […]

Introducing Hahn Royal C45D

One of the next great bulls for sale privately in 2017. GREAT PHENOTYPE/PROVEN PEDIGREE/PROVEN DATA Contact HAHN FAMILY SHORTHORNS, LLC […]

Happy Birthday, John!

Sullivan Supply wishes John Gellerman of Illinois a Happy Birthday! 0

Otto Show Cattle Online Sale

Otto Show Cattle SC Online Sales | January 5th Click here to view lots and bid Lot 14 | I […]

Newborn Photo Innovation

Congratulations to Clayton and Kristin Whittmore on the birth of their son, Cooper Dan, a young Sullivan Supply fan already! […]

Happy Birthday, Toni!

Sullivan Supply wishes Toni Wright of West Virginia a Happy Birthday! 0

Happy Birthday

Sullivan Supply would like to wish Jake Brandt a very happy birthday! 0

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Tori Crisp. We hope you have a great day! 0

Happy Birthday, Roxie!

Sullivan Supply wishes Roxie Newell a Happy 21st Birthday! 0

Western Exposure Sale

January 7th – Dunlap, Iowa Contact Nick Weaver at (712) 870-1634 Lot 134 | RSVP Bull 133 | Broker Bull […]

NEW – Sullivan’s Bucket Caddy

Check out the brand new Bucket Caddy! This all in one caddy holds a large variety of buckets, tubs and […]

Happy Birthday, Anna!

Sullivan Supply wishes Anna Johnson of Illinois a Happy Birthday! 0

Happy Birthday, Lexi!

Sullivan Supply wishes Lexi Wright of West Virginia a very Happy Birthday! We hope yesterday was wonderful! 0

Introducing Hahn Why Not B5D!

INTRODUCING HAHN WHY NOT B5D!! One of the next great bulls for sale privately in 2017. GREAT PHENOTYPE/PROVEN PEDIGREE/PROVEN DATA […]

Engagement News

Congratulations to Trae Simmons and Jordan Brandt on their engagement! 0

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to Shae Varner! We hope you have a great day! 0

Dreamcatchers in Cowtown Online Sale

Wednesday, January 4th Hosted on First Choice Online Sales Cattle located in Lubbock, TX Gillispie Show Cattle Click here to […]

K/M West Texas Syndicate Sale

K/M West Texas Syndicate Sale Tuesday, January 3rd Hosted on First Choice Online Sales Cattle located in Lubbock, TX Kyle […]

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Marcus Arnold. We hope you have a great day! 0

Happy New Year

We would like to wish everyone a very happy new year!! We can’t wait it see you on the road […]

Arizona National | Open Show Candids

Brittany Hefner receiving the Supreme Champion hand shake Brad Hefner embracing the win with his daughter Brittany At the chute […]

Arizona National | Open Cow Calf Pairs

Champion Open Cow Calf Pair Star Lacy 417B Congratulations to Grant Hartill Reserve Champion Open Cow Calf Pair Miss Sony […]

Arizona National | Open Percentage Females

Champion Open Percentage Female Sire: Silveiras Style 9303 Dam: J6 Camille 812U Congratulations to Brittany Hefner Reserve Champion Open Percentage […]

Arizona National | Open Simmental Females

Champion Open Simmental Female Sire: Yardley High Regard Dam: Mission Lacy 135y Congratulations to Jared Schmidt Reserve Champion Open Simmental […]

Arizona National | Open Angus Bulls

Champion Open Angus Bull S Sis Trick Pony 1115 Congratulations to Sydney Schnoor Reserve Champion Open Angus Bull TRL Oreilly […]

Arizona National | Open Angus Females

Champion Open Angus Female Sire: EXAR Blue Chip Dam: EXAR Winnie 5291 Raised by: Express Ranches Sold by: Schnoor Sisters […]

Arizona National | Open AOB Females

Champion Open AOB Female JMG Miss Alli 505C Congratulations to Stiles Patin Reserve Champion Open AOB Female Sire: Ready 2 […]

Arizona National | Open Shorthorn Females

Champion Open Shorthorn Female Sire: MAV Charisma Dam: SMS Mirage T780 Congratulations to Myka Blissard Reserve Champion Open Shorthorn Female […]

Arizona National | Open Hereford Bulls

Champion Open Hereford Bull VH SRG Hammer Down 15 Congratulations to Vanderwork Herefords Reserve Champion Open Hereford Bull TRL Outcross […]

Arizona National | Open Hereford Females

Champion Open Hereford Female Sire: SG MR Thriller A49 Dam: VH Miss Scholarship 10 Congratulations to Kamryn Oakes Reserve Champion […]

Arizona National | Open Brangus Bull

Champion Open Brangus Bull Sire: SBR Night Train 781RZ Dam: LEM MS Chili 802 Congratulations to Lack-Morrison Brangus 0

Wedding Bells

Congratulations to Jared and Bailey Boyert on their wedding yesterday! 0

For Sale

“Mini-Auggie pups, 4 Tri colored Males, will be 9 – 15 lbs. Tales docked, shots, wormed, dew claws removed, smart, […]

Fitting Perfection Contest

The Fitting Perfection Contest Deadline and Voting Schedule: January 1………..Entry Deadline (7:00PM CST) January 2………..Goat/Lamb Leg Voting January 3………..Cattle Front […]