The Least Monday of Mondays | Oklahoma Youth Expo

Congratulations to Carlee Clark on being the Supreme Champion Purebred Female at the 2019 Oklahoma Youth Expo!

The Reserve Purebred Simmental in the Chute getting ready for the Supreme Drive.

Congratulations to the Buck Crew and their Exhibitors on a great OYE! Thank you for continually trusting in Sullivan Supply Products on your countless Champions.

Austin Breeding clips out a belly on a Charolais before the drive.

The Reserve Supreme Purebred Heifer preparing for Grand Drive! Congratulations to Meah Allison!

Camera shy or not, sorry Josh Elder you still made The Pulse.

The Reserve Supreme Percentage Female trusts in Sullivan Supply products! Thank you to the Collum Family and congratulations again!

Deb Vorthmann gets the Champion ShorthornPlus Female ready for the drive.

It’s getting hot in the barns! Be sure to pick up a Sullivan’s Eskimo Throw!

Finlay Yocham leads her Champion Percentage Charolais into the Supreme Drive.