Panhandle Parade of Breeds | Ring B: Top 5 Prospect Steers

Overall Grand Champion Prospect Steer
Champion Prospect Other Cross Steer
Sire: IGWT
Dam: C15
Bred & Sold by: Brian Martin
Congratulations to Kennadi Altman

Reserve Overall Prospect Steer
Champion Charolais Prospect Steer
Bred by:Brian Martin
Congratulations to Rylee Schacher


Third Overall Champion Prospect Steer
Champion Maine Anjou Prospect Steer
Sire: Here I am
Sold by: Choate, Jones & Caldwell
Congratulations to Kirsten Bezner


Fourth Overall Champion Prospect Steer
Champion Limousin Prospect Steer
Sire: IGWT
Sold by: Brian Martin & Mark Copus
Congratulations to Brody Black


Fifth Overall Champion Prospect Steer
Reseve Champion Charolais Prospect Steer
Sire: BDR
Bred & Sold by: Tony Jeffs
Congratulations to Jett Hill