Oklahoma Youth Expo | Sullivan Supply Doe Team Fitting Contest Finals

Congratulations to Tassi Jo Fadely and Kenzie McAlister on winning the second annual Sullivan Supply Doe Team Fitting Contest at the Oklahoma Youth Expo.

Kenzie McAlister smokes in this back leg to help her team to the title.

Larahmy Blakley carves out a back leg.

Darielle Barnes with the concentration.

Kenna Gay uses Sullivan’s Powder’Ful on a hind leg.

Tassi Jo Fadely super handy with her handy sprayer.

Courtney Blagg works on the front leg of her goat.

The Carson Wheeler pulls a back leg.

Bailey Jones with the Sullivan Tail adhesive.

Katie Eisenhauer all focus on a flank.

Jesse Jaques eye level on this leg.

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