Oklahoma Youth Expo | 2022 Sullivan Supply Doe Fitting Contest Preliminary Rounds

Thirty two team from all across the state of Oklahoma competed this morning in the preliminary rounds. Stay tuned for the finals tonight at 7:00 pm.

Aiden Rexwinkle working hair during the contest.

Ava Boozer & RaeKyn Rochell with the team work.

Tyann Stacy getting the back leg just right.

Baylor Byrd smart combin’ his way to the top.

Harley Feaster & Cooper Jones hard at work.

All smiles for Jade McPeak & Avery Williams.

Judges Payton Williams, Talon Alexander, Skylar Scotten.

Lincoln Stafford perfecting the hair.

Madilyn Norvell uses the Pulse ZRII  to clip her doe.

Taryn Gray making the back leg just right.

Trenton Morton packing on the powder.

Alex Mackey & Bryson McGuire working on their doe.

A great group of contestants.

Laramie Robinson & Denver McKay hard at work.