Oklahoma Youth Expo | Bright Lights Big City

“Judge others the way you want them to judge you!”- Tyler Cates


Baylor Cook understands the importance of a padded chute floor for comfort.

Raegan Bowles putting the final touches on front legs.

Dexter Matlock using the best products to get the job done on Shorthorn Show day!


Brittany Blankinship putting the finishing touches on a tail.

Jayce McPeak… greatest fitter of all time, just ask his friends.

Laramie Lott and Justin Glazier using team work to get the job done.

Hagan Hunt was all in on Sunday snuggles with her heifer.

Nash Henley trust in Sullivan’s Black Finisher paint.

Trevor Henry working his way to the top one leg at a time.

It might not be Hereford show day yet, but Kenna Silas knows the importance of working hair on her heifer.