Goatin’ Around at the Oklahoma Youth Expo Sullivan Supply Doe Team Fitting Contest Preliminary Round

Morgan Rabehl may be the new Sullivan’s Flare model.

Jase Taylor concentrates on making this back leg just right.

Sierra Spencer and Allie Albert work together to get their Doe looking the part.

Each team received a bag of feed and a Sullivan’s Smart bucket filled with product donated by Sunglo and Sullivan Supply.

Elisa Allen pulls a back leg with Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive.

Alex Parker shapes out the back leg on her team’s doe.

Teamwork makes the dream work with Lauren Lancaster and Kaylen Woods.

Thank you to Wahl for donating the clippers for the Top 5 Teams!

Sydney Bean and Hakley Landress get their Doe ready in the Preliminary Round.

Baiely Kappus works on a front leg.

Cooper Thompson pulls this back leg.

The Preliminary Round of the first-ever Doe Team Fitting Contest at the Oklahoma Youth Expo went off without a hitch!

Thank you to all our sponsors for donating these awesome prizes for the 2019 Sullivan Supply Doe Team Fitting Contest!

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