2021 Cattlemen’s Congress Recap | Official Backdrops – Balancer Results

Champion Balancer Bull
First Round Pick 9824G ET
Sire: MDR First Step 7549E
Dam: Dobson Empress 301A
Bred by: Dobson Ranch
Congratulations to Dobson Ranch


Reserve Balancer Bull
Homeland 56H ET
Sire: CCRO Carolina Leverage 3214A
Dam: TAU Miss Gridiron 131Y
Bred by: Taubenheim Gelbvieh
Congratulations to Taubenheim Gelbvieh



Champion Open Balancer Heifer
T BAR S MS Casino 113G
Sire: KR Casino 6243
Dam: KDV T Bar S A La Mode
Bred by: Grace Vehige
Sold by: T Bar S
Congratulations to Harley Sargent


Reserve Champion Open Balancer Heifer
Sire: Deer Valley Growth Fund
Dam: Karr Long Haul Princess E964
Bred by: Karley Rumfelt
Congratulations to Karley Rumfelt



Champion Junior Balancer Heifer
Butlers Ms Greta 730F
Sire: BCFG Butlers Bismark 512C
Dam: BCFG Butlers Julie 730Z
Bred by: Butler Creek
Congratulations to Braylen Schaeffer


Reserve Champion Junior Balancer Heifer
MS Sassy G13A ET
Sire: Colburn Primo 5153
Dam: RUMG Rita R13
Bred by: Karley Rumfelt
Congratulations to Karley Rumfelt


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