Coy Sand is serious business as leads his steer around the corner in class.

AJ Line gets eye level to get the job done.

Steven Custy trust many Sullivans products when it comes to fitting.

Clayton Weatherly takes his time making sure the tail head is just right.

Evan Summers seems to be concentrating on this belly.

Hirchell LeClair clips the topline on the Champion Maine-Anjou steer.

Dustin Glover makes sure all lines are straight on his tail head.

Brett Pmoriarty means business when clipping.

Kaid Reininger

Grady Champlain gives Dalton Lind some pointers on his front leg fit job.

Eric Rey makes sure he gets just the right angle when clipping back legs.

Conrad Behlmann puts the Pulse ZR clippers to the test.

Daniel Ballard uses Sullivans Prime Time adhesive to fit his front leg.

Shane Sturgeon makes a terrific top line on a Hereford steer.

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