You’ve Goat to Get Up to Get Down | National Boer Goat Show

Congratulations to Kendra Myers on your Champion Owned Percentage Doe today!


Tail Adhesive & Powder’Ful – your goat show essentials.


Bayli Brown uses some Sullivan’s Dark Crimson on the front leg of her doe.


Congratulations to Clayton Newton on being selected as the Grand Champion Owned Fullblood Buck tonight!


There’s no kidding around with these goat basics.


Crede Garriot uses Sullivan’s Powder’Ful on a back leg.


Shelvin Arey traces out a back leg with some Sullivan’s Red Velvet touch up-paint.


Lorelai Row uses some Tail Adhesive to pull a hind leg.


Biiiiiiig goat guys right here.


Sullivan Supply is proud to sponsor the ABGA and JABGA National Show!