Winter Warm Up, IL

The countdown is on! As you get ready to come to Springfield, make sure you do the following:
1. Make sure you are entered by Thursday.
2. You virturally check in/declare weights through the email that was sent to you after you entered.
3. Make sure you read our rules and guidelines for this years show.
4. When you get to the fairgorunds Friday/Saturday, make sure you come to the showring to get your exhibitor numbers. Friday from 12:00 pm- 7:00 PM Saturday from 7:30 am- end of heifer show
5. If you choose to scratch an animal, inform us (through facebook messanger, or message Emama Eathington at 309-331-3312) so we can plan class cuts accordingly.
6. Please be respectful of the fair grounds and throw away your trash.

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