Winning on a Wednesday | Wisconsin State Fair

The Runkel crew puts in some final touches on their Supreme Champion Junior Market Steer before the Grand Drive. Congratualtions, and thank you for trusting in Sullivan Supply products on your Champion!

Judges, Shane Meier and Tim Fitzgerald dicuss their line up during the Supreme Heifer Drive.

Kyle Lois uses Sullivan’s Black Finisher for some touch up before this steer goes in the ring.

Clayton Walsh uses Sullivan’s Prime Time on his brother’s  Reserve Supreme Champion Female.

The Wisconsin State Fair dedicated a bench to the late photographer, Sue Finley.

Judge, Matt Leo gives his final remarks in Supreme Drive.

Lauren and Brock May celebrate after being selected Reserve Supreme Steer, congratulations!

Gail Runkel hugs son, Reid, after he was selected Supreme Champion Market Steer.

The Market Lamb Supreme Drive was stacked tonight

Taylor Schaefer recieves the handshake for Champion Hereford Steer.

Matt Bowman Flare’s it up during the Hereford Steer Show.

Kole Lorentz pulls a back leg.

Zach Haessly uses Sullivan’s Hocus Pocus to break down this steer.