Western Bonanza | Its Move in Day Around the Barns

Ben Brown getting them ready with some pre-show clipping on the topline of a calf.

Sergio Arias handing out a new can of flare to Codey Sullivan during the cattle check-in.

Panoramic view at the first annual Best in the West Livestock Auction.

Flare is in the air as Garrett Bowe clipping out the back leg of his goat.

There is always time for show barn fun for Reylend Saenz.

Alex Mendonza sporting his new can of Show Glo.

Allyson Jones utilizing her Champions Choice bottle as she works on some pre-show conditioning.

Jake Lewis representing Sullivan Supply in his new flare gear.

Never stop watching and learning, as Faris Simon clips on Kate Brewen’s heifer as she diligently watches.

Braden Henricks getting all the calves dialed in before the show.