Western Bonanza | Fitting Contest Candids

Champion Team Member Will Boyd putting the smoke on his hind leg utilizing Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive as a product of choice.

Brian Dreyer working diligently to perfect the tailhead.

Megan Ashbrook clipping some smooth lines and keeping Sullivan’s Hocus Pocus on hand to help keep her blades clean.

Maddie Pretcher clipping away on her hind leg.

Cody Sullivan using Sullivan’s Black Finisher to finalize the steer for presentation.

Ashley Porter having some fun during the contest getting ready for presentation.

Judge Kyle Lemon asking questions to Team 7 consisting of Mitchell White, Ashligh Ybarra and Cole Lattamire.

Judge Ashley Judge talks highly of the exhibitors in her closing statement.

Champion Team consisting of Will Boyd, Hailee Ashbrook and Cody Sullivan receiving the champion slap from Judge Ashley Judge.

And that’s a wrap! Madison Andrade sowing off her personality during the contest!