Badger Brawl | We’re Having A Brawl!

Carter Peyton is getting the perfect angle using his straight tooth teflon comb.

Landry Tibbits commands his halter and your attention.

You line up the heifers and we’ll line up the Air Express III’s.

Come prepared to Brawl with the best Defender!

Nathan Howard using his double Air Express III blower to get his heifer dry this morning.

Henry Johnson is Kegley Show Supplies best worker, taping up Joey Renn!

It might be a Brawl but our ring help is having a ball!

Shealin Wieman has her Tail Adhesive and Teflon comb working hard this morning.

Morgan Richardson is fluffin’ the day away with her fluffer comb.

Pyskza’s dress warm at the Badge Brawl. Grab a Sullivan Supply coat today!