Welcoming Your New Calf Home | Tips from Stock Show University

If you scroll on any type of social media, you can gather that it is the time of year when many people in the show cattle industry are having their annual calf sale. Having said that, this is also the time of year when many individuals are going to start getting their new projects for the next show season. Stock Show University would like to remind you on some pointers and tips when bringing your new project home. 


When thinking where your animal is going to stay, make sure you consider the size of the pen you will be having your calf in. The pen should be big enough to allow the animal to move around freely, but not too big until they get used to their new surrounding. You want your animal to be comfortable and calm as your home is new to them.  Once they do get used to their surroundings, you can move them into a larger pen. If you are wanting to keep your animal inside all day while it is still warm outside or just get them out of the weather that particular day, be sure to kick out your animal in the evenings. Airflow is always important when you are wanting to keep your animal in the barn. Your animal will remain stress-free and more calm when they are getting fresh air rather than being in a barn that is completely shut up with minimal air flow.


Correct bedding for cattle is always essential—even when you first get them home. You want to avoid large areas of concrete for your calf’s pen. You want their pen well padded and clean. If you’re going to be bedding down an area of concrete for your animal, make sure there is 2”+ of bedding on that concrete. The best way to visual this is to think about that your legs and feet feel like after standing and walking on concrete all day. Your calf will also feel the same if their pen is concrete. Again, you want to have your animal to be comfortable.


Maybe the most critical thing to consider when getting your animal home is their feed and water source. If you are changing up your calf’s diet once you get them home, make sure you gradually change the feed, so your calf can adjust to the change. TIP: Ask the seller for some feed, so you can continue to feed that calf the same ration they have been on, and then gradually switch them to the feed you will be feeding your calf. Also, providing access to clean, fresh water at all times is essential for your calf once they get home. 


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