Welcome to Red Angus

The familiar sights and sounds of the first junior national are upon us! It is a hot one today in Grand Island, Nebraska but that isn’t keep the spirits of the Red Angus breed down! It has been a day full of stall set ups, trailer unpacking and judging contest. Below are some of our highlights from the very first day at the North American Junior Red Angus Event!welcome

unloading-trailersRed Angus exhibitors have spent the day unloading tack and cattle!


Trailers lined up down the middle of the Sheep Barn at the Nebraska State Fairgrounds.



purinaMake sure you stop by and check out the Purina Honor Show Chow tent through out the week! We can’t thank Purina Honor Show Chow enough for their partnership with Stock Show University!

lydellStock Show University professor Lydell Meier working with his daughter on their Red Angus cattle.

judging-contestThe livestock judging contest in now underway in the Livestock Arena!!

idahoCheck out the patriotic stall display brought to our by Idaho Red Angus!

girl-judgingThe intense evaluation during the livestock judging contest is unique to see!

cowsGotta love the Red Angus cow/calf pair!


Senior Red Angus exhibitor John Nelson, practicing reasons before the competition!

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