We Salute Anita Studer!

Sullivan Supply would like to salute the extraordinary, selfless, and brave men and women who are fighting this pandemic 24 hours a day.

We asked for nominations and the first in the series is Anita Studer. 

Anita has been a Surgery Nurse at Greater Regional Medical Center in Creston, Iowa for over thirty years.  Her nursing career started in the late 1970’s in Algona, Iowa.  She continued to serve in the nursing field when Dale and her moved to Hamilton, Texas and then to Pennsylvania.  In 1991 they moved to Creston, Iowa where they make their home today.  She continue to serve our community each day as a surgery nurse and still comes home and helps out with the cattle.  Just like raising cattle each day is a new day and is on call to continue to help serve those in need during in today’s environment.  Submitted by: Jenny Studer

We want your help in featuring some of our bravest stock show family members. Nominate a doctor, nurse, EMT, first responder, or other medical professionals in your life to be featured on The Pulse.

Simply email nomination with name, photo, short bio and how they are helping to fight against COVID-19, to [email protected]