Vegas All Breed Sale | This Saturday

Check out this unique sale opportunity brought to you by! The Vegas All Breed sale is this Saturday, December 7th in Las Vegas. Click here for more information. Click here for more information.Vegas All Breed Sale | This Saturday

**EMBRYOS SELLING AS LOT 13 • Vegas All Breed Sale • This Saturday**
KOLT’S Carleys Harley is one of my all-time favorite Miles Mckee/ Harley daughters. Her mated with ECR Who Maker is the perfect fit for the power and overall structural correctness of Carley’s Harley 2858. We have not seen any progeny from this great mating but I’m very confident that these are going to be great. These embryos recently sold thru the Donors on Ice for $2,800 per embryo. We can’t wait to see some progeny soon from this perfect mating.

**EMBRYOS SELLING AS LOT 17 • Vegas All Breed Sale • This Saturday**
JBSF Proud Mary is quickly proving herself and becoming one of the most consistent Donors at Sullivan Farms to ever walk. The Profit x Proud Mary mating was extremely popular and consistent in our 2018 fall calf crop. We had four full sibs to this mating. One sib sold through the 2019 Schaeffer/Tice Fall heifer sale for $19,500 that went on to be selected as Division Champion this past Summer the National Junior Heifer and Reserve Division at the 2019 NAILE. Another full sister sold through Sullivan Farms Spring/ Fall heifer online sale for $6,000 to Schaeffer/ Tice for a future donor. JSUL Mary’s Profit 8352F a featured lot in this sale is also a full sister to these embryos. Seems like no matter what bull we use on Proud Mary it just clicks. In Proud Mary’s first calf crop her progeny by HPF Quantum Leap Z952 has dominated the show ring, JSUL Mary Is Proud 8047F, was Calf Champion and Reserve Overall Purebred Simmental Female at the 2018 NAILE Open Show. She also went on to be selected Grand Champion Simmental Female at the 2019 FWSS Open Show, and was also recently selected as the 2019 Junior Sweepstakes Junior Show Grand Champion Female.

**EMBRYOS SELLING AS LOT 21 • Vegas All Breed Sale • This Saturday**
Miss Penny 15B was the dam to many of the top heifers on the Sullivan Farms 2019 Maternal Legends sale. Lot 12A from the 2019 Maternal Legends, a maternal sib to these embryos recently sold for $31,000 to the Ferree Family. The versatile Miss Penny 15b crossed with the popular sire Profit is a fresh new mating at Sullivan Farms. I love the potential of this mating when u combine the eye appeal and overall mass of Profit with the structural correctness and body mass of Miss Penny 15b. With Penny’s variety of matings and the quality of her progeny in the 2019 Maternal Legends sale we can expect great things in the perfect mating.

**EMBRYOS SELLING AS LOT 22 • Vegas All Breed Sale • This Saturday**
DAF Reba C707, was a 2017 NWSS Jr. and Open Show Grand Champion % Female that also went on to be the Champion % Female at the 2017 FWSS. This mating will be one that we will defiantly be looking forward to more progeny to come from. Not only do I think they can be elite show heifers but make very valuable . Simmentals to breed back for 7/8 purebred Simmentals. DAF Reba C707 has the body mass and structural correctness to be a perfect fit with the popular sire Profit. These are genetics that u can count on with predictability.

**EMBRYOS SELLING AS LOT 34 • Vegas All Breed Sale • This Saturday**
The 2019 NWSS Reserve Champion Chianina Female, BMW ACE 402E. This young female after her show career was quickly added to Sullivan Farms donor program. This elite Who Da Man daughter stems from the one the greatest Chiangus females in the breed MS Rockn Ace 36U donor of the Winegardner family. BMW ACE 402E might be MS Rock’n Ace 36U’s best daughter to date. We all know the value and consistency of the Who Da Man progeny. This mating combines some of the hottest and most proven genetics
in today’s show ring. The Who Da Man daughters have crossed extremely
well when mated with today’s Angus bulls. We expect big things
from this mating from this great young new donor.