Undress or Hocus Pocus | Tips from Stock Show University®

A common question that is asked to our sales representatives is, “What adhesive remover should I use? Undress or Hocus Pocus?” 


Sullivan Supply’s Undress delivers the safe and rapid removal of all show-day adhesives and touch-ups. Features a powerful blend of dynamic enzymes that swiftly solubilizes, to dissolve show day products. Undress is biodegradable, water-soluble and derived from natural plant-based resources and is recommended for all livestock. Undress is recommended to be used when you will not have to refit that day.


Being fresh and natural, Hocus Pocus will not irritate hair or hide. This natural product is a healthy alternative that will make a difference in your show day wash out. The pure ingredients of Hocus Pocus are formulated to naturally attack and gently remove adhesives and touch-ups away from the hair to allow for superior cleaning. Hocus Pocus is fortified with non-drying emollients and the nourishing VITA HAIR vitamins to naturally moisturize and soften the hair shaft. Hocus Pocus will not leave an oily residue to build up heat or eat away leg hair. This makes Hocus Pocus ideal when refitting is needed in a short period of time. 


After you break down your animal with either Undress or Hocus Pocus, we recommend using Sullivan Supply’s Breakaway Shampoo. Sullivan Supply’s Breakaway helps eliminate any unwanted oils and debris left over from show day fitting with Sullivan’s Break Away After Show Shampoo. This heavy-duty shampoo will wash away excess oils left behind from adhesive removers, as well as any residue missed while breaking down your show day masterpiece. This shampoo also works great as a first-time shampoo to breakaway heavy dirt and grime. Note: this shampoo is not intended for daily use as it could cause drying to hair and skin.


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