Tusa Show Cattle – La Mejor Female Sale – Selling Tonight

Selling Tonight at STEERBIDDER.com

These 4 Full Sibs will make it hard to Pick which one you want more!
Monopoly x 246 Donor(Double bred HooDoo)

Lot 1 – Tag 204

Wow!!! Built for Speed. . . Major Donor potential!!! She’s one Huge bodied, strong backed, square ended female. How about the way this thing’s neck comes out of the top of her shoulder. Plus for the kind of bone that she has, she has way soft feet and legs.

Lot 2 – Tag 201

Show Heifer people; Pay Attention. She is one unique female that has maternal written all over her. We sure love how neat and well balanced she is from end to end. She has the mindset of one in the ring. Build an E.T program around her after she’s done showing.

Lot 3 – Tag 203

I really dig this one. Great show heifer, she’s got the little bitty neck, the big square hip and the soft maternal belly. Big, Big hair here. She’s gonna make a great donor!!!

Lot 4 – Tag 198

Last but not least of the 4 full sisters. She might be the greenest but far from the worst. She’s got it all. Once again, Awesome built. Very unique in her front one third, easy to look at from the side in how she balances and moves on her feet & legs. Very soft at the ground. Major Donor here!!!

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