Tri-State Fair & Rodeo | Amarillo by Morning

Shelby Smercima choses a smart sensation to work hair on her cattle.

Sullivan Supply Sales Representative, Jakob Edgell, is a big bucket hat guy!

Hunter Muskiet knows the importance of working leg hair, we approve of the smart scrub brush!

The angle of the blower is important for Callen Stewart.

Judge Will Shelby congratulating the champion shorthorn.

Beast Mode or go mode, we will let you decide for Maddox Bowers.

It’s the CLEAR CHOICE at the wash rack.

Hey Boone Begert! What’s in your top gun sprayer?

Piper Hawkins was sure to get her heifer dry.

Ridley Wells was at it early this morning, she was sure to protect her leg wool with Sullivan Deluxe Leg Tubes.

Coy Pittman putting in a little comb action this morning.

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