Top 5 Overall Market Animals | Hoosier Beef Congress (IN)

Supreme Market Animal
Champion Crossbred Steer
Sire: Here I Am
Sold by: Caldwell, Jones, Wilcox
Congratulations to Hadley Hendrickson!

Reserve Market Animal
Champion Simmental Steer
Sire: Man of the Year
Raised by: Paulsen
Sold by: Paulsen, Widerman and Boddicker
Congratulations to Chase Harker!

Third Overall Market Animal
Reserve Crossbred Steer
Sire: Monopoly
Raised by: Fassett
Sold by: Caldwell, Jones and Bridwell
Congratulations to Ross Howard!

Fourth Overall Market Animal
Champion Charolais Steer
Sire: Black Power Play
Sold by: Winegardner and Klingaman
Congratulations to Maggie Johnson!

Fifth Overall Market Animal
Champion Chi Steer
Sire: Monopoly
Sold by: Bowman Cattle Co
Congratulations to Cordon Selke!