Tips for Managing Cattle on the Show Road


  1. Preparation
  • We recommend using a prebiotic, probiotic & B12 prior to going to a show. Appetite Express+ is a product that contains all three. Provide your calf with the proper dosage of Appetite Express+ prior to loading cattle on the trailer to go to a show and then administer again if needed to keep your calf’s stomach in good condition at a show.
    • Prebiotics are non-digestible dietary fibers that deliver nutrition to microorganisms. Enhancing the growth of these good microbes promotes many beneficial health effects within the animal. You will see improved nutrient digestion and nutrient absorption as well as strengthening of the immune system, bowel pH, hypertension and regularity.
    • Probiotics contain live, naturally occurring microorganisms that replenish the good bacteria colonies in the rumen of an animal. Each dose delivers billions of live bacteria and yeast cells. These beneficial microbes and yeast have many important modes of action, such as production of lactic acid (which is harmful to pathogenic bacteria), production of enzymes to aid in nutrient digestion and absorption, competition for Nutrients and attachment sites with harmful bacteria, production of other anti-microbial compounds which helps keep the balance of good and bad bacteria in the correct order.
    • B12 boosts energy levels, which helps fight fatigue and sluggishness.
  1. Keeping Cattle Comfortable
    • Make sure you bed down the trailer properly
      • We recommend bedding the trailer down with a trailer rubber mat at as a base and having at least 4 inches of soft shavings as bedding.
    • Prepare stalls properly
      • Start with screwing or wiring stall dividers to the tie rail, then wire the bottom of each stall divider to the main fence, in order to secure them and prevent movement.
      • Next add shavings, we recommend a foot and a half of shavings with a slight incline as cattle will naturally pack the bedding down with their body weight.
      • Wet down the bedding with plenty of water, then walk on every inch of the bed or use a roller to pack down the bedding.
      • We recommend using a rubber stall mat in the front of your stall, as it keeps the stall free of hay and feed, but more importantly to keep cattle from pawing up the bedding in the stall.
    • Keep calm at a show, Many times cattle will get to shows and see things they have never seen before such as drain tiles, other species, and generators. It is important that you stay calm, cattle feed off your energy.
  2. Keep it consistent
  • Use the same feed pan and water bucket that you calf is used to.
  • Try to stay within consistent feeding times; this helps keep your calf calm and maintain body condition.
  • Offer cattle water every 2 hours or once they get up in the stall.
    • Water is the most important nutrient, the more water they take in the healthier they will be.


For more information about showing cattle please check out the Stock Show University schedule for a clinic near you!

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