Things To Do & Sweet Treats in Lebanon! | National Junior Shorthorn Show

Things To Do:

Fiddlers Grove Historic Village
Go back in time in the 1940s and experience what it was like in an early village where everyone lived in a log cabin. Come tour the doctor’s office, blacksmith, sheriff’s office and three museums. Of course, there is a General Store where you can go buy drinks and sit in rocking chairs. For more information & directions. Click here.

Lebanon Outlet Marketplace
While you have some free time go to Lebanon Outlet Marketplace where there is a wide variety of stores and a food court. Some of the stores that they offer are Ralph Lauren, Rack Room Shoes, GAP, and many more. For more information & directions. Click here.

Grand Ole Opry
Started in 1925 as a simple radio broadcast now is a phenomenon for country music. The Grand Ole Opry holds country music’s rich history and showcases the legends in the music industry. The Grand Ole Opry has not only just had country singers onstage but others like Kevin Bacon, Kevin Costner, and Stevie Wonder along with filming the ABC show Nashville. For more information & directions. Click here.

Sweet Treats:

The Soda Parlor
The hybrid experience with retail, soda shop, and arcade is a highly rated experience. You might like the smell of freshly made waffles for sundaes or the wide varieties of soda to go on your ice cream might be your favorite. Come chose a mason jar full of a Rootbeer float or just come get a waffle sundae a trendy ice cream shop to enjoy with free arcade games after a long day at the barns. For more information & directions. Click here.

Baskin Robbins
Known for their vibrant colors Baskin Robbins Is the world’s largest chain of ice cream with a wide variety of ice cream and toppings there is something for everyone. With many options from warm desserts to parfaits or just getting simple ice cream with mix-ins. For more information & directions. Click here.

Donut Time
Your go-to donut shop in Lebanon! With their classic pinecone donut or their donut breakfast sandwich. Step out of your comfort zone and try the fruity pebbles donut holes just by the pretty donuts will wake you up in the morning on your way to the barns. For more information & directions. Click here.