A question that is frequently asked during Stock Show University events is why would someone need to feed Sullivan’s Fresh & Feminine to their show animal. In this Stock Show University tip, we will be covering the WHY of Fresh & Feminine and why Sullivan’s Fresh & Feminine is a staple product for champions in show rings across the country.


Well, let’s cut to the chase… Feminine shape and freshness in the front one-third of your show animal spells ultimate success OR failure in the show ring—whether you are in the breeding or market side of the show. Do you want to know THE SECRET TO EYE APPEALING SHOW ANIMALS? To get ahead of the game in the show ring, Stock Show University recommends Sullivan’s Fresh & Feminine to be a part of your animal’s diet when preparing for your target show. 


So, how does it work? The superior science of Fresh & Feminine features a combination of strategic vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and protein sources. Fresh & Feminine boosts metabolic fat burning that targets specific areas of the body to reduce fat content, most notably in the neck and brisket area without decreasing belly shape. As a result, your animal has a more feminine, attractive physique and even assisting to better the animal’s structural correctness on the move. Along with these benefits, this femininity supplement helps to offset the results seen from aggressive, high energy show animal diets.


Then, what is Sullivan’s Fresh & Feminine FAST TRACK? Fast track is essentially designed for the same purpose as the original Fresh & Feminine, BUT you will start seeing results 40-50% faster than the original—as this is a more concentrate formula. 


Is this just a cattle product? Even though the cattle Fresh and Feminine is one of our top sellers, we do have Fresh and Feminine for goats, sheep, and hogs! 


How much do I feed my animal once I have purchased Sullivan’s Fresh & Feminine for my animal? The dosage does depend on which species you are feeding it to. Do make sure you are feeding the appropriate Sullivan’s Fresh & Feminine for your species. Below is a little guide to what your feeding schedule should look like. 


CattleFeed to cattle at the rate of 170g (2 level scoops) per head daily. Preferably 85g (1 scoop) in the morning and 85g (1 scoop) at night.  Cattle FAST TRACK – Feed to cattle at the rate of 170g (2 level scoops) per head daily. Preferably, 228g(2 scoops) in the morning and 228g (2 scoops) at night.


Sheep & Goats Feed to Sheep/Goats at the rate of 30g (2 level scoops) per head daily. Preferably 15g (1 scoop) in the morning and 15g (1 scoop) at night.


Pig FAST TRACK – Feed to pigs at the rate of 34g (2 level scoops) per head daily. Preferably 17g (1 scoop) in the morning and 17g (1 scoop) at night.


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