The Theory Behind the Hair Stimulating Sullivan’s Smart Sensation Brush

The #1 daily hair care brush! 

The Smart Sensation is, in my opinion the best new tool for show cattle to be developed in years. The concept behind it was to design a handy application for using a brush with the ben- efits of having repetitive rows of the proper teeth.

Scott Kinzer has been Sullivan Supply’s New Product Manager for 24 years, and grew up showing cattle with my family. Scott and I spent countless hours over an 18 month period cre- ating the Smart Sensation. We had great input from Sullivan Farms show barn crew and many other top operations around the country for multiple opinions.

It was extremely important to create the brush with the proper size for handiness, proper teeth spacing for ease of use in all hair coats, and to include a ball point tip for stimulating the hair. The flexibility of the teeth design was also very important – not too stiff to be harsh on the hide, nor too soft to hinder the ability to hold-up. Countless hours were spent on the proper teeth spacing, size, shape, and flexibility. They have all paid off in the Smart Sensation design.

Successfully creating a gentle, stimulating feeling to the skin while the repetitive rows of teeth create a lift that amplifies the volume and body of hair off the hide. This has never been seen before and is the basic goal of this Sullivan Supply product.

SSEN Smart Sensation

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