The Sweet Life Fitting Contest

Clippers down, we know this is most people’s favorite contest at the National Junior Heifer Show! Team Fitting is one of our most participated in contests each year and we can’t wait for it to bring the heat again this year.
Rules –
1. Teams must consist of three people. The oldest participant determines the division you compete in.
2. The animal, chute, equipment, supplies and power source are the teams’ responsibility. Remember to bring a generator.
3. Animals must be finished in 30 minutes.
4. A team-designated member presents the animal for final judging and must wear harness & number.
5. No outside assistance is allowed during the competition.
6. NEW THIS YEAR – State sweepstakes points will be awarded to the top 3 teams in each age division. 1st – 25 points/contestant, 2nd – 20 points/contestant, 3rd – 15 points/contestant. (Ex. If your team placed first and has a contestant from Iowa, Georgia & South Dakota, each state receives 25 points.)
Thank you to Sullivan Supply Inc for sponsoring our fitting contest!
View the full rulebook here:

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