The Sandhills Sale

The Sandhills Sale is something special and unique, found nowhere else in the country. These aren’t your typical fluffy, creep fed club calves. They grew up in the Sandhills of Nebraska and were selected for their hardiness, do-ability and performance. Don’t miss this quality Sullivan Ranch offering. They sell September 28th on SC Online Sales. Please note our date has moved due to extreme weather conditions!

Please contact Ashley Mason at 712.269.4600,
Brad Otto at 712.269.3473 or Dan Sullivan at 254.707.0814 for more information.

Tag 139 | MAB x Blue 8523 | March Steer

Tag 155 | Cash Flow x Bailey’s Best 115Y | April Heifer

Tag- 168 | Smokin Bob x Honey Bee 5829 | March Steer