The Race is On at the Indiana State Fair

Emmaleis Maynard gets comfortable with her steer after a long morning of showmanship.

Meghan O’Brien drives her gilt in the final drive of Intermediate showmanship.

Lillie Sickafoose combs her heifer out on the wash rack with a Sullivan Fluffer comb.

Haley Jarck and Harper Henney show off their Flare shirts and Sullivan’s Eskimo Throws around the barns today.

Jared Schwenk does some finishing touches this morning before showmanship.

Kaylee Bender, Collin Deaetsman, and Claire Sennett play a friendly game of corn hole to help the afternoon go by.

Kadi Sparks knows that an afternoon rinse is the best way to cool down on a hot day.

Spencer Goettemoeller takes a break from the cattle barn to use Sullivan’s Revive on his goat.

Carson Kretzmeier works on her lamb before tomorrows show.

Rylan Jester uses his Sullivan’s Roto Brush to work hair on his steer before feeding time.

Grace Smith combs through her heifer with a Sullivan’s Smart Sensation after rinsing.

Troy Reidoldt has both hands full when brushing time comes around with his smart sensation and rice root brush.