The Jim Norick Arena Update

Construction has been well underway here in Oklahoma City building a new state-of-the-art coliseum to replace the Jim Norick Arena.

The new coliseum is well under way in OKC and is scheduled to be completed in April of 2025. The first year Cattlemen’s Congress will show in this new facility is January 2026. This new colliseum will bring a state of the art facility to our use, and will allow us to make way for another barn that will be built where Jim Norick arena currently sits. At this time we don’t have an expected date of completion for the connector barn that will connect the new coliseum to the existing Superbarn. 
The state fairgrounds are diligently working to increase our power in all barns across the fairgrounds. This is unfortunately a slow process and finding the correct supplies is proving to be a tougher task than we expected, however, by 2025, all barns should have additional power and lights across the fairgrounds! 

We are eager for the progress that has been made so we can begin creating new memories in a modern, first-class structure.

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