The Grand Fiesta Has Officially Began! | Maine-Anjou and Chianina National Junior Show

Be sure to find Brigham Stewart for all of your Floss Dancing needs.

Looks like Charlie Wilson is ready for another Sullivan’s Staggered Roto Brush!

Juniors from all across the country ran to Nebraska for the Grand Fiesta!

Emily Samuelson uses Sullivan’s Smart Comb to work hair.

McKenna Renner uses Sullivan’s Smart Sensation Comb while clipping on the belly of her steer.

Watch out. Keegan Moonen gets pretty intense with corn hole.

Ramon Jones, Reese Schwab, and Randon Schwab practice fitting for tomorrow’s Sullivan Supply/Stock Show U Team Fitting challenge.

Jackson Carlson and Tyson Fox toss a football around while waiting for the Opening Ceremonies to begin.

Mellisa Schrag drew for the winners of the Sullivan Supply Shopping Spree before the Ultimate Fitting Challenge began. Be sure to keep checking The Pulse to see the winners through out the week!