The All Iowa Showdown Series – A Series That Is Second To None


Some of the most competitive shows in the country might not be the ones that automatically go to the top of everyone’s list. Some may have noticed jackpot series shows popping up in some states that have been getting a lot of traction, one particular series that began in Iowa over 10 years ago


The very first show that started the All Iowa Showdown Series began in 2005 in Des Moines County, Iowa involving four counties and showing only cattle. That day, Dewey Lloyd and a great crew established a show series that it is second to none. Year after year they added more changes to improve the show and experience for the youth. Today, the All Iowa Showdown Series is one of the biggest 4-species show series in the country. Exhibitors qualify for their area Showdown by winning their county fair. The area showdown qualifiers then compete for a spot at the All Iowa Showdown – exhibitors move on to the All Iowa Showdown by winning their respective species.


The series has brought the competition level of the shows in Iowa significantly, but the main goal for Lloyd and the crews that put these showdowns on is to help benefit the exhibitors. “At the end of the day, we started this for the kids. We wanted them to have another avenue to show” says Dewey. With a series centered around the kids, it was a matter of time before the popularity of the showdown series grew with other states beginning to follow suit. While the increased quality of the livestock is a great outcome for the All Iowa Showdown series, Dewey says his most important goal for the kids is to experience a work ethic. “When it comes down to it, creating a good work ethic is our goal for our exhibitors. We want them to experience that if they work hard at something, they can succeed” states Lloyd. The All Iowa Showdown may have started out as just an idea in a clipping room, but it has grown into something that is prestigious and an incredible opportunity for the youth.


Dewey Lloyd one of the Founders of the All Iowa Showdown Series


80 head of market and breeding cattle, sheep, goats, and hogs from the 10 different districts will compete today in Afton, Iowa at 1 o’clock for the champion title in their individual species. If you are not able to attend in person, be sure to tune-in on Walton Webcasting,


The Qualifying Showdown Shows:
North Central Iowa Showdown
Best in the West Showdown
Northeast Iowa Showdown
South Central Iowa Showdown
Southeast Iowa Showdown
Best of the Best Showdown
Battle on the Blue Chips Showdown
BEAR Essentials Showdown
Southwest Shootout
Central Iowa Showdown


Congratulations to the following qualifiers:

Central Iowa Showdown:
Breeding Heifer- Mariah Stennhard, Franklin County
Breeding Meat Goat- Reagan Fox, Wright County
Breeding Ewe- Sawyer Morrical, Wright County
Breeding Gilt- Daniel Illg, Webster County
Market Meat Goat- Colton Monson, Humboldt County
Market Lamb- Garrett Arnold, Hamilton County
Market Hog- Dustin Nicholson, Hamilton County
Market Beef- Ainsley Lovrien, Butler County


Southwest Shootout:
Breeding Heifer- Makayla Houck, Adams County
Breeding Meat Goat- Ashlyn Pruitt, Audubon County
Breeding Ewe- Lindsey Jennett, Taylor County
Breeding Gilt- Kennedy DeVries, Montgomery County
Market Meat Goat- Jayce Purdum, Union County
Market Lamb- Briar Fisher, Adams County
Market Hog- MiKaela Downing, Union County
Market Beef- Carson Rieck, Union County


BEAR Essentials Showdown:
Breeding Heifer- Carson Finch, Story County
Breeding Meat Goat- Macey Macke, Calhoun County
Breeding Ewe- Paityn Peterson, Marshall County
Breeding Gilt- Gavin Branderhorst, Jasper County
Market Meat Goat- Max Petzenhauser, Story County
Market Lamb- Jack McKinney, Story County
Market Hog- Cael Kline, Marshall County
Market Beef- Dawson Minor, Polk County


Battle on the Blue Chips Showdown:
Breeding Heifer- Carli Siebrandt, Sioux County
Breeding Meat Goat- Taylor Bremer, Osceola County
Breeding Ewe- Molly Hulshof, Plymouth County
Breeding Gilt- Dalayna Brugman, Clay County
Market Meat Goat- McKenna Herbold, Plymouth County
Market Lamb- Alayna McCarthy, Plymouth County
Market Hog- Jaelyn Hartnett, Pocahontas County
Market Beef- Larissa Sitzmann, Plymouth County


Best of the Best Showdown:
Breeding Heifer- Brady Edge, Cedar County
Breeding Meat Goat- Caden Meyer, Scott County
Breeding Ewe- Dayton Mortvedt, Poweshiek County
Breeding Gilt- Aden Wolfe, Poweshiek County
Market Meat Goat- Caden Meyer, Scott County
Market Lamb- Dayton Mortvedt, Poweshiek County
Market Hog- Brooklyn Flenker, Scott County
Market Beef- Jack Ploog, Clinton County


Southeast Iowa Showdown:
Breeding Heifer- Regan McClure, Des Moines County
Breeding Meat Goat- Tanner Curtin, Johnson County
Breeding Ewe- Garrett Greiner, Washington County
Breeding Gilt- Blaine Heick, Muscatine County
Market Meat Goat- Avery Shalla, Johnson County
Market Lamb- Brooklyn Moehle, Des Moines County
Market Hog- Riley Stuecker, Lee County
Market Beef- Mason Shalla, Washington County


South Central Iowa Showdown:
Breeding Heifer- Kyle Linhart, Decatur County
Breeding Meat Goat- Ty Hysell, Wayne County
Breeding Ewe- Tyson Goretska, Wayne County
Breeding Gilt- Drew Jacobson, Clarke County
Market Meat Goat- Taylor Decious, Marion County
Market Lamb- Trey Goretska, Wayne County
Market Hog- Mitchell Harken, Marion County
Market Beef- Taylor Rozenboom, Mahaska County


Northeast Iowa Showdown:
Breeding Heifer- Callie Jensen, Bremer County
Breeding Meat Goat- Cael Jensen, Bremer County
Breeding Ewe- Sutton Paulsen, Black Hawk County
Breeding Gilt- Ellie Neil, Bremer County
Market Meat Goat- Kaylie Klimesh, Winneshiek County
Market Lamb- Sutton Paulsen, Black Hawk County
Market Hog- Cole Neil, Bremer County
Market Beef- Taylor Jackson, Allamakee County


Best in the West Showdown:
Breeding Heifer- Olivia Beeson, Woodbury County
Breeding Meat Goat- Jenna Baker, Woodbury County
Breeding Ewe- Trever Schulz, Shelby County
Breeding Gilt- Charles Ploeger, Woodbury County
Market Meat Goat- MaKenna Potter, Cass County
Market Lamb- Jackson Kinnetz, Ida County
Market Hog- Cheyenne Obrecht, Shelby County
Market Beef- Issaac Beeson, Woodbury County


North Central Iowa Showdown:
Breeding Heifer- Shelby Greiman, Hancock County
Breeding Meat Goat- Jayden Joyce, Palo Alto County
Breeding Ewe- Nick Williams, Floyd County
Breeding Gilt- Dakota Markla, Hancock County
Market Meat Goat- Jayden Joyce, Palo Alto County
Market Lamb- Maegan Schropp, Hancock County
Market Hog- Dalton Konz, Hancock County
Market Beef- Morgan Kelly, Kossuth County