The 4-Square Philosophy

When Purina first was founded back in 1894 by William H. Danforth he felt that people should lead a 4-Square life and practice a 4-Square method of livestock production.

In livestock production, the 4-Square philosophy states that we apply Good Breeding, Good Feeding, Proper Sanitation and Sound Management. This gave rise to our 4-Square brand of products.

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The philosophy that Mr. Danforth established over one hundred years ago persists today in the people and programs of Purina Mills, LLC That heritage is displayed in the 4-Square brand that Purina uses at the Research Center on products that they proudly provide to their customers.

As the leader in animal nutrition, Purina Mills provides guidance and leadership to both the commercial feed industry and its customers. Through the years, many significant discoveries have resulted from Purina Mills’ dedication to research. Purina Mills continues to achieve significant milestones in the field of animal nutrition.

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