That’s a Wrap on Reds | North American Jr. Red Angus Event

Dalton Hartman celebrates with his daughter, Hadley after their big win. Congratulations your Grand Champion Heifer today!

Geoff Andras must’ve gotten fired from tail duty, since Tim Anderson is taking over the job today.

The J6 Crew gets a heifer ready this afternoon. Thank you for trusting in Sullivan Supply on Show Day!

Zane Ward dials in a topline.

Travis Pembrook’s best works is done when he’s multi-tasking, looking at The Pulse.

The Hartman Crew get’s Hadley’s Grand Champion heifer dressed to the nines.

Holly Meier works on a front leg.

Tag Team, Michael Brual and Kale Spengler get Tucker Bayer’s heifer ready.

Neil Thompson works on this tailhead.

Jared Bain smokes in a back leg.

The Ultimate Show Day Breakdown.

Johnathan Presnell really focuses on this front leg.

Jaden Johnson puts some final touches on a heifer this morning.

Teamwork makes the dream work for Cassie Johnson and Hailey Johnson.

Thank you to Cheryl Johnson, Darla Rogers, Mia Bayer and Anne Kimmey on putting on a successfull 2019 North American Jr. Red Angus Event! See everyone next year!

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