Terry Jordan – Stock Show Confidential

Thank you to Terry Jordan for setting down with us to give us a quick interview!

Stockshow Confidential is always a supporter junior programs. Why are junior nationals so important to the junior programs?
– These kids have the opportunity to get face to face with adults and other juniors in the industry. With all the technology these days communication skills are lost, then when they come to junior nationals they are put into situations where they gain and use communication skills and those skills prepare you for the future!

Why do you think cattle shows are so important to the cattle industry as a whole?
– They help to promote the breed and the cattle industry as a whole. Breed popularity runs in cycles, from Angus to Simmental, with the current trend being the Hereford in large part to the way the association has promoted the breed. At major livestock show everyone is looking at the top genetics in the country and people pay close attention to the genetic packages that are excelling. The industry is constantly evolving, not just the cattle, but feed supplements and fitting techniques as well. There is so much that goes into winning any show!

What advice can you give to kids show in the livestock show industry today??
– The best advice I can give someone is to do your work at home. Shows are not won in the show ring, but at home. It doesn’t matter what species you have, do your homework and be prepared when you walk into the ring. I see kids that walk into the showmanship ring, and they exude confidence. It goes back to homework at home. If you do it at home you don’t have to worry about it at the show.

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