Did you TennesSEE those Shorthorns? | National Junior Shorthorn Show

Molly Kreutzer can’t stop smiling.

Don and Kimberly Holland and Colter Phelps chillin’ in a Sullivan’s Chute Hammock.

Jocelyn Phelps uses Sullivan Hocus Pocus for a little after show breakdown.

Matthew Hahn and nephew, Braden got emotional after a successful win.

John Gellerman gets the slap for a third overall bred and owned female.

Reanna Obrecht getting a mid-day rinse in.

Kyle Shoufler getting a ShorthornPlus ready for action.

Brandon Barr blowing out his heifer.

Annette Braun celebrating her 19th birthday in true birthday style.

Shelby Kriser heading into class with her calf.