Team Fitting Contest Candids | Gelbvieh Junior National Classic

Judge Nate Kolterman evaluates the Champion Senior Fitting Team of Tanner Aherin and Kyle Vehige.

Using Sullivan’s Ultra White Touch-Up on the heifer’s tailhead.

Concentrating on getting the correct angle clipped into the hind leg.

Spraying the finishing touches.

Judge Nate Kolterman takes the time to give a few tips to the exhibitors after the fitting contest.

Maddie Lehrkamp is perfecting her tail during the fitting contest.

Gabrielle Hammer uses Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to ball the tail.

She may be small, but she is mighty! Getting that tail head perfected.

All the juniors know that a Sullivan’s Teflon Comb matches well with Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive.

These girls sure know how to put one together.

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