Teaching Tuesday with Stock Show University Online

Sale season is upon us and that means there are a lot of baby calves to clip! Watch along as Stock Show University Master Professor, Josh Elder demonstrates how to blend the neck and achieve the desired sleek front end look. Check out more from Season 2 Clipping and the rest of the Stock Show University Online Cattle series at www.sullivansupply.com/stock-show-u/online




Congratulati0ns to last week’s quiz winner, Brooke Smith! Last week’s Stock Show U Online quiz covered Shampooing Techniques. Quiz takers shared their results to be entered in a chance to win a FREE Sullivan’s Soap Foamer! Stay tuned every month for our quizzes based on our Stock Show University Online videos!


* Brooke Smith please message us on Facebook or send us an email at [email protected] with your information so we can mail you your prize!


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