Sullivan’s Vita Hair NEW Two-Step Hair Program

The Vita Hair Package is an industry first from Sullivan Supply. It contains Biotin, Pro-Vitamin B-5 and Vitamin E to help allow hair to grow faster and thicker, increases hair shine, gives it more body and volume, allows for better nutrient absorption and healthier skin.

NEW Sullivan’s Hydrator Nourishing Conditioner
– Replenishes Natural Oils
– Rich in Vitamins for Skin and Hair
– Proper Balance of Natural Oils
– Light Weight & Fast Absorbing


Scientifically formulated hydrating & nourishing conditioner that uses the hair and skins natural oil make up to formulate the best replenishment of the natural oils and vitamins back into the hair to promote hide and hair health as well has hair growth and strength.


Vita Hair Volumizer™ Foaming Shampoo is formulated with a natural plant-based proprietary surfactant technology which creates an opposite acting polar electrical charge within each hair strand that actually pushes every hair follicle apart. This prevents the hair from sticking together, and actually springs it loose, making each hair follicle stand on end for a noticeable dif-ference in hair volume and body.

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