Sullivan’s Powder’Ful Powder Spray

Available December 1st. 

Hair Thickening Powder.
The first HAIR BUILDING Powder Spray specifically designed for livestock hair. POWDER’FUL creates added depth and dimension to each hair follicle during the hair building process, without the appearance of becoming too heavy, globby, or unnatural. Great for legs, bellies, flanks, top-lines and tail heads. As an added benefit, after applying over adhesives, the drying powder agents contained in POWDER’FUL allow the hair to be clipped easily, better than any previously known product.

The only product on the market that can give you a fuller and bigger look without adding on layers of and layers of paint and adhesive, which  leaves the hair wet, heavy, and unnatural. POWDER’FUL leaves the hair looking fuller without being able to tell there is anything there. The two color options, white and black, make it easy to build legs without having to use an excess of paint to cover it up.