Sullivan’s Body Guard

The First Of Its Kind! Finally, a PREVENTER for ringworm that you can feed. This top-dress feed supplement nourishes the body with the proven natural antioxidants Dried Kelp, Garlic, Oregano Leaf, Olive Leaf, and Grapefruit Seed which have been proven to support the animal’s immune system to ward off fungus infections.
Contains strong levels of Vitamins A, E, &D to provide needed nourishment to the animal brought on by a lack of sunlight, a major cause of ringworm. Provides a full body of protection to the animal from the inside, out. Simply feed daily to cattle, sheep and swine. Don’t wait for the outbreak of ringworm, defend your animal with the BODYGUARD. Feed cattle 3 to 4 oz./day; sheep 1 to 2 oz./day; and swine 1 to 3 oz./day depending on size of each animal. Each 20 lbs. (320 oz.) bucket will feed one beef 80 to 106 days; one lamb 160 to 320 days; and one swine 106 to 320 days.

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