Sullivan’s Adhesive Tips from Stock Show University®

When you think about comparing livestock adhesives to anything, think about the hairspray that is in your bathroom at home. In order to have your calf fit to perfection for the show ring, you need your animal’s hair looking flawless. Even though you are not putting adhesive in the body hair, the areas of the legs, flank, belly, and tailhead will be areas where adhesives can be used.


From Sullivan Supply®, there are two types of adhesives that we recommend to our trusted customers: Tail Adhesive and Prime Time Adhesive. When comparing the two adhesives, Tail Adhesive is the highest strength adhesive. It has unmatched holding power for flat lying, hard-to-hold hair on legs and when shaping the tail ball. You can depend on Tail Adhesive to dry completely and hold its firm shape in all types of weather, with no fall-down when Touch-Ups are applied. Prime Time is our strongest show day leg adhesive with holding power that is ideal for medium length, thinner hair types. It creates body and volume with a clear, natural look. Prime Time will also perform in all types of weather such as winter, spring, summer, or fall. It holds hair firmly in place and will not “wilt” or fall down in humidity. Sullivan’s Prime Time is formulated lighter, is more flexible and clear in a pure form of adhesive. No matter which adhesive you are using, a rule of thumb is—less is more when applying adhesive. Spraying too much adhesive on the area you are fitting will make fitting more difficult for you to clip. It is easier to gradually add more adhesive to an area if needed. 


Having said that, if you are just learning to fit, Prime Time Adhesive might be your go-to product as it is lighter and more forgiving. For more experienced fitters, we recommend that Tail Adhesive is your go-to product on show day.


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