Sullivan Supply/Stock Show U Wounded Warrior Bootcamp – Angus

Pavilion_IMG_4129A lot of participants at this great event.

Winners_IMG_4175The first place team with their brand new Wounded Warrior Smart Combs from Sullivan Supply.

2ndTeam_IMG_4191Second place team excited to receive a Stock Show U Squirt Gun to stay cool in the barns.

Kent Jaecke pumping up the crowd.

Stuck in the muck shuffle with Dan Sullivan.

Professor Dan DeMeyer helping participants through the obstacle.

carterCarter Ward assisting with the Fresh and Feminine Fill-Up.

andrewAndrew Foster working through the course.

start_lineJeff Sargent, Master Professor leading the charge.

selfieSelfie Time with Callyn Hahn, dean of Stock Show U.

mary_kateMary Kate Mardesen helping kids through the fitting mat frenzy.