Sullivan Supply’s Scratch, Match, and Win

This year at all of the National Junior Heifer Shows, Sullivan Supply will be handing out Scratch, Match, and Win cards!!! So far this week at the North American Junior Red Angus Event the cards have been a HUGE hit!! Make sure to be on the look out for Luke and Andi next week at the Shorthorn, Maine, and Chi Junior Nationals for your chance at a Sullivan Supply Scratch Off Card!


IMG_1249Jacob Tabley of Arkansas

IMG_1260Madison Hierschman of Nebraska

IMG_1268 Taryn Faulkender of Kansas

IMG_1277 Kendall Steines and Tim Johnson of Iowa

IMG_1272Rachel Shrank of Texas

Tarrin Quinn of Nebraska

Noland Rentschler and Nikki Aldolf of Illinois

IMG_8929 Kolten Cunningham of Kansas

IMG_1278 The Nebraska delegation all took a turn with a Scratch Off Card!

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