Sullivan Supply – Traveling Sales Representatives

Sullivan Supply and the Pulse is excited to feature some of the people that work daily to  keep the store running and your barns and showboxes stocked. We handed out a survey with a few fun questions for everyone to answer, and will post responses in the coming days. This second round includes Fred, Quintin, Bryce and Cody. They are more than likely either at a show working the trailer, or packing getting ready to head to the next one. These guys work diligently to bring products to you to ensure your success.

FredFred Jepsen works with repairs and sales at Sullivan Supply. He takes pleasure in amusing everyone in the front office and the rest of the building. While Fred is most well known for his personality he also has a unique communication style. He doesn’t have very many preferences when it comes to movies, television or music; however the best advice he’s heard is to just simply live life.

Fleet Coordinator, Inventory Manager, and Sales Rep are a few of the duties that Quintin Bucher completes every day. He grew up showing cattle and was active on the Chianina Jr. Board. Quintin’s favorite restaurant is Jack Stacks in Kansas City, and his favorite movie is American Sniper. When not working he likes to scuba dive and participate in shooting sports.

Bryce Tiffany is the newest Traveling Sales Representative with Sullivan Supply. He helps prepare trailers for shows and travels to shows. His enjoys talking with customers and the opportunity to travel. Bryce has a twin brother named Michael, and his favorite movie is th Wolf of Wallstreet.

Having the pleasure of working as the Sullivan Supply Traveling Sales Intern is Cody Jimmerson. He is looking forward to traveling with the company and working on his salesmanship. Back home he team ropes, enjoys listening to “This Cowboys Hat” by Chris Ledoux and watching Lonesome Dove. Cody’s favorite ice cream is a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup blizzard.