Sullivan Supply Team Fitting Contest | North American Jr. Red Angus Event

Sometimes you just need an extra boost.

All the focus for Kinleigh Guidry as she pulls a front leg.

Paige Van Dyke works on a front leg to help her team to claim Reserve Fitting Team.

Truett Tolar focuses on getting this front leg just right.

Hans Lind works on a tailhead.

Madison Fischer balls a tail on her teams heifer.

Kaitlyn Geyer smokes in a hind leg.

Morley Griffith perfects a belly to help her team.

Megan Muller gives some advice to teammate, Samantha Pehrson during the contest

Callie Hicks dials in this tailhead in style… Heritage Style.

Colton Kalous clips out a tailhead.

Team 11 made up of Luke, Jack, and Lee Bjorklund and Kassie Jones get their heifer fit.

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