Sullivan Supply Team Fitting Contest – National Jr. Shorthorn Show – Top 5 Placings

The following are the top five placings in the Sullivan Supply Team Fitting contest at the National Jr. Shorthorn Show listed in numerical order. Final placings to be announced at the awards ceremony tomorrow night.

2 – Elizabeth Fleming, Heather Berry and Carson Evans
13 – Ashley Peterson, Blake Peterso and Allison Dragstrem
20 – Brooke Hayhurst, Austin Garner and Trent Broermann
21 – Shayna Degroot, Tucker Degroot and Tyler Degroot
24 – Dalton Kennedy, Kathy Lehman and Fulton Kennedy

3 – Hayden Fox, Miller Smith, and Aidan Raab
4 – Madison McCormick, Sara Sullivan and Xavier Ferris
12 – Jackie Sleichter, Jansen Gerstner, and Hannah Wetzel
14 – Reid Utterback, Carter Wickard and Ryan Wickard
16 – Luke Schroeder, Dawson Osborn and Hunter Tilton

1 – Addison Obrecht, Madeline Berg and Kaitlyn Berg
2 – Braeden Mitchell, Delanie Erwin and Emilee Muchrath
11 – Allie Raab, Kesler Collins and Max Eaton
13 – Logan Schroeder, Darlie Kennedy and Karly Goetz
14 – Wyatt Osborn, Kolten Greenhorn and Sara Britton

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