Sullivan Supply Stock Show University Team Fitting Contest | Junior National Hereford Expo

Congratulations to the Texas team for winning the Team Fitting contest this afternoon!

Rachel Buzanowski takes time to show pee-wee member of the team, Cooper Weaber, spray Sullivan’s Powder’Ful on the back leg before clipping.

Jarrett Worrell concentrates to clip his front leg.

Katie Fehlman pulls out the big shears to take down the top.

2018 Hereford Herdsman of the Year, Eric Eldridge, watches Lucas Stumpf use Sullivan’s Fawn Touch Up Paint.

Wyatt Watson makes sure to blow in Sullivan’s Flare before taking the out of the chute.

Brooklyn Adams uses Sullivan’s Red Velvet Touch Up Paint on a back leg.

Kade Boatman uses Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to pull the front leg.